Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reading True Faced

Over the last year I have been reading and re-reading a book recommended by a former professor of mine True Faced. My professor recommended this book about three years ago and it took me a couple of years to pick it up. I used the excuse that I was too busy in grad school to read anything else. Now I realize what he was trying to get me to see. This book has radically transformed my life.

If there is anyone one book that I recommend to my clients it is this one. I believe that the subject matter of True Faced is what many of my client struggle with. Are we going to be honest with God and others as to who we really are? We have all experienced actions from others that have hurt us as well as our own behaviors that have hurt others. It is our shame and denial that keeps us from admitting the truth about ourselves that often keeps us in relational conflict.

I know in my own life, when I am in conflict with my wife it is usually because one of us is having a difficult time admitting our own flaws. (usually me). I have found that relational healing takes place when I remove my mask of "I've got this all together" and admit that I am not really who I am pretending to be that we are able to see each other and intimacy is created.

If there is one book that I would recommend this year it is True Faced. Pick it up and let it change your life.

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